New York: Child Abuse and Maltreatment/Neglect for Mandated Reporters

Defines child abuse, maltreatment, and neglect, plus mandated reporters and requirements for reporting as defined by New York State. Presents indicators of possible mistreatment, including both physical and behavioral signs.

This course meets the continuing education recommendation for coursework in Child Abuse and Maltreatment for New York mandated reporters. Approval #80805.

Learning Objectives

When you finish this course you will be able to:

  1. Briefly describe the problem of child maltreatment in the United States and New York State.
  2. Explain mandated reporting of child abuse or maltreatment/neglect in New York State.
  3. Spell out the legal protections and legal penalties relevant to mandated reporting.
  4. Define child abuse and maltreatment/neglect in New York State.
  5. Describe the physical, emotional, and sexual indicators of child abuse.
  6. Explain what is involved in deciding and preparing to report child abuse in New York State.
  7. Summarize the process of reporting to the NY Statewide Central Register (SCR).

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