Intimate Partner Violence (IPV): Assessment and Treatment Strategies

Learn about the modern definition of IPV, encompassing same-sex partner violence. Gain skills in recognizing warning signs and applying evidence-based assessment and treatment, with specialized health and legal resources for those in abusive relationships.

In a landscape where intimate partner violence (IPV) continues to be a pervasive public health concern affecting individuals across diverse relationships, including same-sex partnerships, the role of mental health professionals remains crucial. This course aims to equip healthcare providers with a nuanced understanding of the current definitions and manifestations of IPV, along with the skills to identify early warning signs in various contexts. By integrating evidence-based approaches to assessment and treatment, the curriculum also offers access to specialized health and legal resources, empowering professionals to provide effective interventions for individuals ensnared in abusive relationships. The knowledge and strategies imparted through this course are indispensable for practitioners committed to enhancing client well-being and safety, while also fulfilling an ethical mandate to address this pressing issue competently and effectively.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Recognize the 4 behaviors that commonly comprise intimate partner violence (IPV) along with 3 mental health conditions and at least 3 physical health issues that often co-occur with it.
  2. Utilize a brief screening measure to assess for IPV and clinically recognize at least 6 risk factors for the development and maintenance of IPV.
  3. Incorporate elements from 5 theory- and evidence-based interventions into clinical work in the IPV arena.
  4. Provide victims of partner violence with at least 10 outlets for specialized health and legal resources.

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Available Credit

  • 5.00 ANCC


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