Forensic Nursing Excellence: A Comprehensive Guide to Investigative Healthcare

Learn essential forensic nursing skills for sexual assault examinations. Cover procedures, legalities, ethics, and evidence application.

This course is essential for nurses involved in forensic nursing, particularly those performing examinations on sexual assault survivors. It provides comprehensive training in forensic evidence collection, covering procedures, legal implications, and ethical considerations. Participants will gain the skills needed to distinguish and apply various types of forensic evidence within a nursing context, ensuring competence and sensitivity in addressing the unique needs of patients experiencing trauma related to violence, abuse, or assault. Completion of this course is imperative for any nurse undertaking forensic examinations on sexual assault survivors, ensuring they meet the necessary educational requirements for such critical responsibilities.

Learning Objectives

  1. Recognize and list the specific procedures involved in forensic nursing, including evidence collection and documentation.

  2. Distinguish between various types of forensic evidence, such as biological, physical, and trace evidence, and associate each with its relevance in a forensic nursing context.

  3. Explain the legal implications and considerations in forensic nursing, including the nurse's role in providing testimony and participating in legal proceedings.

  4. Discuss the ethical considerations in forensic nursing, including confidentiality, informed consent, and maintaining a victim-centered approach.

  5. Utilize trauma-informed care principles to address the unique needs of patients experiencing trauma related to violence, abuse, or assault in a forensic nursing setting.

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Available Credit

  • 2.00 Contact hours


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