About Suicide Screening, Referral, and Imminent Harm in Washington State, 3 units

This course is approved by the Washington State Department of Health for certified counselors and advisers, chemical dependence professionals, chiropractors, occupational therapists and assistants, physical therapists and assistants, pharmacists, and dentists. Approval #TRNG.TG.60824032-SUIC.

This course contains information on the scope of suicide in Washington State and nationally, warning signs, suicide screening and referral, and assessment of issues related to imminent harm via lethal means.

The following course information applies to occupational therapy professionals

  • Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, OTAs
  • Instructional Level: Intermediate
  • Content Focus: Category 1—Domain of OT, Client Factors Category 2—Occupational Therapy Process, Outcomes

Learning Objectives

When you finish this course you will be able to:

  1. 1. Explain the scope of suicide in the United States and Washington State.
  2. 2. Relate 5 warning signs for suicide.
  3. 3. Describe 3 principles of effective suicide screening.
  4. 4. Describe one appropriate referral resource each for high, medium, and low-risk clients.
  5. 5. Define imminent harm.
  6. 6. Describe the 2 responsibilities of pharmacists related to suicide prevention.

Additional Information

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Fran Laughton, RN, PHN, MSN, FNP
Lauren Robertson, BA, MPT

Approved by the Washington States Department of Health, approval #TRNG.TG.60817428-SUIC.

Please see Atrain for the full accreditation statement and approval information.


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Suicide Prevention